Charlotte County set to re-open beaches, dog parks and sports fields

Charlotte County set to re-open beaches, dog parks and sports fields
File picture of families enjoy the beach in Englewood.

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Charlotte County set off a social media firestorm by announcing sports fields, dog parks, and some beaches will reopen in the next few days.

All sports fields and dog parks are set to open Friday, April 24.

Gathering of 10 or more are not permitted per the Governor’s Executive “Safer At Home” order.

Englewood Beach and Port Charlotte Beach are set to open on Monday, April 27. Charlotte County said that is “pending coordination with Sarasota County”, but it’s unclear if that means Sarasota County is considering something similar. We should get more information on that in a Sarasota County Commission meeting Tuesday.

Fresh salty air to breathe, wading through the water, taking a leisure walk on the sand and feeling the mighty energy that is by the water. Hooray!
GiGi Georgann

Beach restrooms will stay closed and the parking meters won’t be working either.

While the sports fields for football, soccer, and baseball will be open, not organized activities can take place.

The county wants to punctuate that the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for social distancing still stand.

You still have the right to stay in if you don’t feel safe. If you don’t agree with the opening don’t go out.
Kevin Way

The post on the Charlotte County Emergency Management Facebook page quickly went viral, with almost 1000 shares and more than 500 comments. Posts were arguing both sides of the debate. You can watch how that decision was made on the Charlotte County Facebook Page.

One comment read, “Remember this: If our beaches and public areas are being opened before you think they should be, you still have a choice to go OR stay home!”

Another fired back, “Nice to see you listened to your own rep from the Health Department. We have NOT been in a downward trend for 14 days. And have any of you been to any of the dog parks? You do know that the owner’s sit at the tables visiting with each other while their dogs get exercise? Hope you know what you’re doing.”

Want to learn more? Here’s a link to Charlotte County’s website.

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