A Suncoast family found a unique way to have family dinner

Family Bus

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Jeff and Cathy Douglas from Palmetto, were looking for a way to give their kids a break from being inside the house.

The Douglas family gets in the “Corona Cruiser”, a small school bus and took then heads out to a local restaurant for dinner.

After picking up the food, The family of 9 has dinner together inside the “Corona Cruiser”.

“Where are used to eating out all the time. We figured we might as well take the bus and do something fun with it. So that’s what we’ve done several times. Trying to go out pick a local restaurant, they need the business so badly and the kids have fun” says Jeff and Cathy Douglas.

The Douglas family says they plan on pursuing this delicious dining as often as they can... safely. They’re planning more “corona cruising” over the next few weeks.

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