Many are having issues filing for unemployment due the technical problems on the Dept. of Economic Opportunities website

Unemployment Woes

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - We’ve received your emails and calls at ABC 7 about not being able to get through on the Department of Economic Opportunites website.

Jill Nugent says she finished all of the 5 steps for her application but says this what happens when she presses “submit”.

“You get on the line and he goes back-and-forth, it goes then runs in circles. You can’t get so far! It pushes you back out and you have to go through the process again”. says Nugent.

Steve Huggins says he's called the DEO call center more than a thousand times.

“I’ve continued to call. Starting from 7:30 in the morning, I take a break take breakfast. Then I take a shower and I keep going throughout the day trying to see if I can get through. And I get either, a busy signal or a message that comes up saying that the phone lines are busy and to call back”. explains Huggins.

Huggins says the process to file for unemployment has been frustrating but encourages others to be patient and to "trust the process".

"Keep at it. Most of us right now are out at home. Get on your computer in the morning grab a cup of coffee start making phone calls. Start trying to get on the system it’s going to change it’s gonna get better"

Despite the many issues with the website, the Department of Economic Opportunity says a paper application is in the works so people can mail them instead.

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