How Sarasota police plan to enforce the ‘stay-at-home’ order

Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a 30 day 'stay-at-home' order for Florida starting April 3rd.
Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a 30 day 'stay-at-home' order for Florida starting April 3rd.(wwsb)
Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 11:40 AM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Florida’s 30 day ‘stay-at-home’ order in now in effect.

This means residents are not supposed to leave their house unless it’s for an essential reason.

So how are police officers enforcing this? Genevieve Judge, who is the Public Information Officer with Sarasota Police Department, said they are focusing on educating the public by explaining the new order to people out in the community. Judge said officers know some people may not be aware of the executive order or they don't know all the specifics to it. However, police do have the authority to issue citations. But Sarasota P.D. wants to avoid doing that.

"That's really the last thing we want to do. You know we really want to educate folks and we want to encourage folks. You know staying at home, and only traveling for the essentials. Only going out if you need groceries, or if you're an essential worker is really the only reason we want you to go out. We don't want to see anyone go to jail, we don't want to have to cite anyone if we don't have to. And so that's why we're working on that education and that encouragement first," Judge said.

All SPD officers now have gloves, N95 masks, and goggles to wear. This is to help protect officers and citizens while they are out in the community.

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