SAD NEWS: Baby Ospreys Lido and Anna Maria passed away

Baby Ospreys Pass Away

Just a day after their names were released and nearly two weeks since their hatching the baby Ospreys didn't make it.

We’ve gotten a lot of calls and emails, and we are saddened to tell you Anna Maria and Lido passed away.

We have disabled the osprey cam for the time being.

One of the two eggs laid by Sara the Osprey in our tower camera nest behind the ABC7 studio in downtown Sarasota hatched on March 18, 2020. The second followed close behind, hatching shortly before 11pm on March 18, 2020.

“It’s so hard, I wish I had an answer. Nature is like that. Sometimes you just get something out of left field like that. Where you’re just not sure why it happened,” said Tara Morningstar with Save Our Seabirds.

She says the chicks looked healthy and it’s hard to say exactly what caused their death.

“Nests aren’t always successful. There are many different factors. It could be inclement weather, there can be owl or eagles, sometimes there’s nesting parasite,” said Morningstar.

Morningstar says in general the mortality rate for birds of prey in their first year is between 80 and 90%.

We’ve posted our entire extended interview with Morningstar below.

Extended interview for osprey story

“I would say with Ospreys it’s a little bit lower because they’re so effective at fishing. But yeah it’s a really tough go out there for a young bird,” said Morningstar.

Sadly the death of Lido and Anna Maria are now a part of that statistic.

Morningstar also wants to remind everyone to do their part to minimize environmental pollution because Ospreys are prone to take interesting items that have been littered to the nest that could pose a danger to the hatchlings.