Sarasota County firefighter tests positive for coronavirus

Sarasota County firefighter tests positive for coronavirus
Firefighter tests positive for coronavirus in Sarasota County. (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Sarasota County’s fire chief confirming this afternoon that one of his firefighters from Station 7 on 17th Street, testing positive for coronavirus.

“He felt sick on March 22nd at one of our fire stations, he was on duty after he had come in and was cleared from the temperature check," said Chief Michael Regnier with the Sarasota County Fire Department. "So later on in the day he started to feel ill then garnered a fever and notified our personnel and then went home that day.”

The chief says the firefighter is doing well and is currently self quarantined at home. Three of his colleagues who were with him that day aren’t showing symptoms but are under self quarantine as well. Sarasota County Fire says Station 7 has been decontaminated and they are keeping all the other stations very clean everyday.
Their entire staff is following all CDC guidelines to keep themselves and the community healthy and safe.

“We’ve instituted a little more stringent guidelines as far as disinfecting the rescues or the ambulances after they’re used, fire engines the same way along with everything a firefighter is wearing, so their clothes we wash those, we leave them at the fire stations,” said Carson Sander, Assistant Chief for the Sarasota County Fire Department.

The chief says the firefighter who tested positive is around his 30′s in age and lives outside of Sarasota County.

“I am in constant communication with him, my thoughts are with him for his family," said Regnier. "We’re asking him for whatever he needs, the fire department is here and I’m sure Sarasota County and the community is here to support him.”

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