Suncoast resident stuck in India hoping to get back home

She has been there for over a month

Suncoast resident stuck in India hoping to get back home


Stuck In India

Earlier this week India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi implemented a 21-day national lock-down in the hopes to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Sarasota resident Kendra Simpkins has been there over a month, and has witnessed the ongoing effort to keep people in doors. “First it was a 1-day quarantine, which then into a 10-day quarantine, then turned into a 21-day quarantine, and they didn’t even give us warning. I didn’t even have an opportunity to go to the store and get supplies like toilet paper that everybody is looking for.”

Before the 21-day national lock-down was announced, local residents were still allowed to go about their every day lives. “At first it was only foreigners couldn’t go outside because they feared that we were the one’s caring the virus, and then they turned it into no one was allowed outside.”

Simpkins fears that she will not be able to leave the country for at least another month. “All of the internal borders are closed, even including the city borders and the state borders. Even if I was to have a flight, I would have to travel to Delhi to get on a plane. I couldn’t do that either because the borders are closed.”

After buying five flights in the attempt to get back home, money is becoming scarce. Simpkins told us that airports were still booking flights out of India and each flight was getting canceled. After being told she would get a refund for the canceled trips she has yet to receive that money. “I don’t even have much room on my credit card to keep buying flights home. That’s why it’s uncertainty of how or when is really tricky right now financially," says Simpkins.

After contacting the U.S. embassy and several congressmen on multiple occasions, there has yet to be a resolution to get a flight back to America.

“I’m kind of disappointed at the U.S itself, because India has the strictest lock-down. Other countries have made attempts to get their citizens and the U.S, won’t make any attempt to come to India to get their citizens, it makes it a little discerning, says Simpkins.

She eagerly expressed that there’s only one place she wants to be at the moment.

“I just want to be back home on American soil, knowing where I feel comfortable and where I can possibly have medical care if I need it.”

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