New Executive Order for Florida recreational boaters

No more tying up of boats on sandbars or islands

New Executive Order for Florida recreational boaters
New Boating Rules (Source: wwsb)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - There have been a lot of violations of the 6-foot rule for social distancing, especially on the sandbars and islands along the Suncoast. These violations are precisely why Governor DeSantis has issued an executive order for boaters in the waters around Florida.

Recreational Vessel Update: Executive Order 20-09 has been enacted to reflect direction from Governor DeSantis, the Florida Department of Health and the CDC. Effective immediately, all recreational boats must be at least 50 feet apart. Each recreational vessel must not have more than 10 people on board.

From the Governor’s desk -

“I hereby designate all waters of the state to be a boating-restricted area and the owners and operators of recreational vessels, as defined ins. 327.02, F.S., thereon are subject to the following restrictions: a. Recreational vessel occupancy is limited to no more than 10 persons per vessel; and b. A minimum distance of 50 feet between recreational vessels and any other vessel shall be maintained; i. This distance provision does not apply to permitted mooring fields, public or private marinas, or any other permanently installed wet slips, and does not apply to vessels underway unless they are tied, rafted or moored to another vessel. This Order shall be effective upon execution and shall expire when the Governor’s Executive Order 20-52, expires, or any extension thereof, unless rescinded or superseded at a sooner date.”

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