Commissioner Hagen Brody suggesting curfew for City of Sarasota

Commissioner Hagen Brody suggesting curfew for City of Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Sarasota City Commissioner Hagen Brody says he’s treating the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. Recent block parties in North Sarasota has him suggesting a curfew.

He tells us the majority of residents are abiding by the CDC guidelines, but some are not, putting many people at risk.

UPDATE: Though the city did not issue a curfew, it did prohibit social gatherings of 10 or more and gave police the power to cite violators

“I think that it’s important that people recognize the severity of this which that’s the vast majority of our citizens, are recognizing the severity of it and taking proper precautions to protect not only themselves but everybody in this community,” Brody.

Commissioner Brody did send an email suggesting a curfew to the city manager. The city manager continues to work closely with the city, county and police chief regarding this situation.

“I’m not necessarily for a curfew what I am for is people taking this seriously," said Ed James, a Sarasota resident. "As a millennial myself I understand that it’s great outside, we’d love to go to the beach but the beach will be there. It’s important for us to heed that call and stay indoors as much as possible.”

Many residents we talked with in downtown Sarasota can see both sides of the curfew dilemma.

“If you don’t have a strong thing where everyone stays in then what you’re going to have is people just do what they want," said Peter Maltese, a Sarasota resident. "And it’s a small group that ruins it for everybody and if you don’t do it I think you’re taking your life and other people’s life and you’d hate to have to create a fear like that.”

The city says they are going to continue to do what they can to avoid implementing a curfew.

“We should only go to those measures unless it’s absolutely necessary," said Trevor D. Harvey, President of the Sarasota NAACP. "The appeal here today and going forward is just making sure that our communities alike are just following the World Health Organization and the CDC guidelines.”

The suggested curfew would take place from 10pm until 5am.

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