Suncoast fitness group shows how they are #SuncoastStrong

Acts of Kindness Across the Suncoast

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - With Suncoast healthcare workers on the front lines during this coronavirus pandemic, a local fitness group was looking for a way to sweeten the day for the staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

F3 Suncoast decided to buy all the remaining Girl Scout cookies from a local Girl Scout group that couldn’t sell their cookies.

“One of the other guys, in the group, said you know there’s a Girl Scout troop that can’t sell anymore. And they’re stuck with 200 boxes of cookies and that goes towards fundraising all their events for next year," said David Kelly, who is the leader of F3 Suncoast

F3 is a men’s fitness group that stands for, Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

“There’s a Boot Camp piece. The fellowship is the friendships created throughout the workouts, really throughout life. Then there’s the faith element,” Kelly explained.

A member of F3 Suncoast is a nurse at SMH and knew that the Girl Scout cookies would be a perfect “pick me up” for his co-workers.

“He took it over to work, Sarasota Memorial Hospital. And handed them out all the different departments as far as he could. It was just a blessing we’ve got a lot of great feedback from Twitter and Instagram."

David Kelly says it’s rewarding to be there for his community. If you’re interested in joining F3 Suncoast, you can check out their Facebook.

Here at ABC 7 News, we are here for you, giving the latest updates on coronavirus. As our community is going through this unprecedented time, we are “Suncoast Stong." We want to celebrate those in the community who are keeping us “Suncoast Strong."

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