County officials close public beaches but people are still on them

Suncoast Beaches

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - “I’m at the beach it’s a beautiful day and the coronavirus isn’t stopping us."

A beachgoer was determined to go to Siesta Key Beach even though county officials closed it. The beachgoer, who didn’t want to tell us his name, says people can still go to the beach if it’s privately-owned.

“It’s a private beach, not public. Public beaches can be closed," he says.

But when he was told he’s actually standing in a Siesta Key Public Beach Access, his response:

“Oh. Well you know, uh... it’s just a nice day."

Two spring-breakers were getting ready to go in the water at the Siesta Key Public Beach Access 2. They say as long as they are not on the actual beach, but are in the water, they are still following the advice of county officials.

“I figured, you know those parts are closed but spearfishing is not on that part. So technically we’re parking at a closed part. [There’s] public parking. We’re just walking through it to go out we’re going,” says Nolan Marsh.

Beachgoers on private property are still asked to practice social distancing and not gather in groups of more than 10.

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