Deputies: Florida man smashed hole in door, attacked woman in domestic violence incident

Deputies: Florida man smashed hole in door, attacked woman in domestic violence incident
John Frederick Vozar is charged with attempted homicide (Source: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (WWSB) - A man in Charlotte County is under arrest on charges of attempted murder after deputies say he broke down a door to attack a woman with a hammer.

For the sheriff's office, it started with a frantic 911 call from a woman in a Punta Gorda home who said she was under attack.

Deputies rushed to the scene and found the door to the home wide open. They demanded anyone inside to come out and that's when they say 78-year-old John Frederick Vozar shoved an elderly woman outside then slammed the door shut.

Deputies said they demanded Vozar come out, but he opened the door, shouted, “The door is open, you come in!” Then slammed the door shut.

Deputies say they could see no visible sign of weapons through the front window so they decided to enter the home. They were then able to arrest Vozar without incident.

While being taken into custody, deputies say Vozar told them, "I'm telling you I was going to kill her," saying he wanted to do it with a knife.

Deputies spoke with the victim, who said she hid in a bathroom after being confronted by Vozar, who then used a hammer to make a hole in the door and attack her with the hammer and a knife. Deputies say at some point Vozar dropped the weapons onto the bathroom floor but went to get another hammer and continued his attack.

The victim placed a frantic call to 911, but deputies say Vozar grabbed her by the hair through the hole in the door, causing her to drop her cellphone, which Vozar then smashed with a hammer. Vozar was able to get into the bathroom and attacked the victim, who broke free and ran to a neighbor for help.

The victim suffered minor injuries. Vozar has been charged with attempted homicide.

The sheriff’s office says if you believe you are a victim of domestic violence in any way, call your local law enforcement. Their non-emergency number is 941-639-0013 or dial 911 for emergencies.

You can also contact C.A.R.E. at 941-627-6000. An advocate is available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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