Parking in handicap spot leads to woman’s arrest on drug charges in Sarasota

Parking in Handicap Spot Leads to Woman's Arrest

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Police in Sarasota say what started with officers spotting a woman parked in a handicap spot in a Mercedes that had a license plate belonging to a Chevy truck ended with that woman arrested on drug charges.

Around 9:30am Monday on the 2400 block of Washington Court, officers saw the Mercedes in a handicap spot and ran the license plate. When it came back a mismatch, they spoke to the woman, but she refused to identify herself.

Officers say they discovered her identity and that 35-year-old Latoya Carley of Palmetto had multiple felony warrants for violation of probation out of Manatee County for trafficking amphetamine of 200 grams or more, possession of a firearm by convicted felon and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Carley was arrested and officers say hidden in her clothes they found 49.09 grams of MDMA (also known as ecstasy or molly), a bag of marijuana and four cigars pre-rolled with MDMA.

She is charged with Trafficking Amphetamine/Methamphetamine (28 grams - 200 grams), Sale/Possession with Intent of Controlled Substance with 1000′ feet of a park (MDMA), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Oxycodone) and Giving a False Name while Detained.

Carley was taken to Sarasota County Jail on $97,000 bond.

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