Beach erosion concerning residents who live on Casey Key Road

Casey Key Beach Erosion Problems

CASEY KEY, Fla. (WWSB) - “Now for whatever reason, just nature is doing it’s turn on us and it’s severe damage,” said Steve Kesler, a Casey Key resident.

That’s the fear that beach erosion is causing Kesler and other people who live on Casey Key Road. Kesler’s homes and properties are just feet away from the Gulf of Mexico.

“It’s eroding the dune, it damaged a lot of the cabanas and just creates a headache for enjoying the beach,” said Kesler.

Earlier this month Sarasota County Commissioners asking staff to look into funding for improving the shoreline, especially in the northern and middle sections of Casey Key. They also approved a contract to hire an engineering firm to design the project. It’s not yet known exactly what type of work would be done.

The county oversees the road to a foot on either side, all the other property is privately owned. Over the last two years, the county has placed large sandbags on parts of the beach to protect the beach and the road. Residents have also invested lots of money for sandbags and sand, doing the job on their own.

“I’m glad to see the county is paying some attention, I’ve done my beach renourishment, my dune renourishment for three years now and each year it gets worse right away, but unfortunately it’s kind of a fact of life right now,” said Kesler.

Next up, residents here will meet with Sarasota County officials on Monday, March 2nd. Then sometime in June, information on repairing this erosion will go in front of commissioners.

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