Large brush fire threatens homes and forces evacuations in Charlotte County

Brush Fire Forces Evacuations

ROTONDA SANDS, Fla. (WWSB) - Massive flames burning at least 252 acres in the Rotonda Sands section of Charlotte County. The large plumes of smoke could be seen miles away. Homeowner Jessica King was frightened that her home and her neighbor’s homes were going to be destroyed.

“It is really crazy, it’s really sad" said King. "I’ve actually cried a couple of times today just seeing it.”

Fortunately, dozens of fire crews from many different cities and Florida Forest Service were able to save all the homes with some of them just suffering heat damage. At least 15 homes were threatened by this fire which started around 11:30 Monday morning and 40 homes needed to be evacuated.

“The fire was spreading pretty fast, conditions were just right, there was a high wind so the fire was moving through" said Todd Dunn, Spokesperson for Charlotte County Fire & EMS. "There was a lot of fuel, the grass burned fast and as the fire got up into the trees then it would shoot embers across the road.”

No one was injured. Florida Forest Service says this fire is 95 percent contained. It could be at least another day before it is fully contained.

Fire officials say crews will be out here all night to continue to battle this. They are still trying to figure out the exact cause of this fire.

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