4th member of Massachusetts family dies after Florida crash

3 members of Massachusetts family killed in Florida crash

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - The Florida Highway Patrol says a fourth member of a family visiting from Massachusetts has died after a four-vehicle crash near Orlando.

Troopers say 11-year-old Jackson Smith died Wednesday at a central Florida hospital.

The crash happened Tuesday evening on State Road 429 in Osceola County. Lt. Kim Montes says the family’s van was struck from behind by a pickup truck, causing the vehicle to overturn in the southbound lanes.

Troopers say traffic was beginning to slow and the van was carrying eight people.

Lt. Montes said, “We have our victim advocate and other social workers over at the hospital helping this group of people get the help that they need and then also relay the bad news to them.”

Dead at the scene were 41-year-old Julie Smith, 5-year-old Scarlett Smith and 76-year-old Josephine Fay. Two other children and two adults were taken to hospitals.

The families were from Whitman and South Weymouth, Massachusetts.

“We don’t know why this truck didn’t stop yet but clearly that truck is at fault for rear-ending the van and we just got to sort everything else out," said Lt. Montes. “It’s a reminder for drivers: traffic can stop suddenly.”

The pickup truck also hit two other vehicles, but those drivers were not seriously injured.

Charges are pending against the 26-year-old pickup truck driver.

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