Man arrested following stabbing death of his co-worker at a job site in Bradenton

Stabbing Death

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Police say 48-year-old Rene Balditt was killed after he was stabbed by a knife many times in his upper body this morning around 10 o’clock. His co-worker Jessie Hernandez was arrested for his murder. They were both doing work at the Main Street Condominiums in Bradenton.

“They were on a scissor lift painting the condominium complex," said Captain Brian Thiers with the Bradenton Police Department. "Don’t really know what led to it but Mr. Hernandez stabbed Mr. Balditt and subsequently killed him. Right now detectives are working to determine motive.”

Kathy King lives near where this stabbing took place. She and other neighbors are very surprised something like this happened here.

“It’s pretty shocking, it’s really a quiet neighborhood, all fenced in and gated," said King. "Those condos back there, you pretty much never hear a thing from back there.”

Police are now working with the state attorney’s office to determine the charges against Hernandez.

If you have any more information on this stabbing death you’re being asked to call Bradenton Police. They are continuing with their investigation.

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