Some Ellenton residents have safety concerns following fire in their Colony Cove community

Some Ellenton residents have safety concerns following fire in their Colony Cove community
Safety concerns for Colony Cove residents in Ellenton. (Source: WWSB)

ELLENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Some residents of Colony Cove, a 55+ mobile home development in Ellenton would like to see more fire hydrants. Nancy Haferman is a snowbird from Wisconsin who lives in this community part of the year. She tells us that she had walked up and down the streets near her home and didn’t see any fire hydrants.

“I’ve had many conversations over the last few days with neighbors and everyone is concerned" said Haferman. "Trailers can burn very fast and if there isn’t sufficient water available around here they are not going to save their home.”

A fire Monday night destroying one home with another home catching fire and causing lots of damage. A fire marshal says the cause of the fire appears to be cooking related. No one was injured. Another fire that destroyed a home in 2017 also brought to the surface questions about fire hydrants. John Lukach lives across the street from the two homes that caught on fire. He’s another resident pushing hard for more fire hydrants.

“If you get a fire like this going on the fire department can only handle so much out of their tankers," said Lukach. "So these hydrants should be installed around this Colony Cove and other areas if they’re not, it’s a safety factor.”

The North River Fire District is right near Colony Cove. They are able to use thousands of gallons of water from their engines and tankers, but fire officials say it would make it easier to fight these fires if there were hydrants close by.

“It’s the older part of the park and it was put back before the hydrant system was established, so we have no hydrants that we can draft from" said Battalion Chief J.D. Hadlock with the North River Fire District. "So we had to use the tankers and water from the other apparatus, it makes it very difficult because you have to plan your attack and coordinate your water efforts and your water use.”

No one from Colony Cove was able to be reached for a comment.

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