North Port Fire Department and EMS unit equipped with decontamination system

EMS Equipped with Decontamination System

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - Flu numbers begin to rise during this time of year, but health officials are claiming this year to be especially brutal and February is the peak of it.

So, while everyone is trying to avoid getting sick, one local fire department is ensuring they get rid of all those germs in their spaces. The North Port Fire Department and more specifically their EMS division, has a decontamination system that kills 99.9 percent of all germs, the Aeroclave device.

With just the push of a button, a mist sprays throughout their entire ambulance and disinfects every particle inside of it. “It allows for an entire area of the ambulance to be covered versus us just wiping down areas where we think the infectious substance might be," Deputy Chief Karl Bennett of the North Port Fire Department said.

The Aeroclave device cleans even hard to reach areas that would normally not be wiped down.

Plus, the system can also spray large traffic areas and disinfect spaces of 5,000 square feet in about 30 minutes.

“Anything we can do to protect the citizens or our personal makes it valuable," Bennett said. "We do our best to decon after an incident by wiping down and spraying, but this is just another layer of protection to make sure the area is safe and germ-free as possible.”

But can this system kill all germs and bacteria including the flu and the coronavirus? “Bacteria, fungi, viruses. It’s rated for 99.9% for all known infectious diseases out there," Bennett said. "We’re pretty confident that in can kill anything out there especially the coronavirus.”

Right now this system is only being used in hospitals and inside first responder trucks and area. There are hopes to bring it to large public areas in the future.

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