State Attorney’s Office accused of not communicating in Sarasota condo shooting case, but prosecutors say it’s untrue

New Motion Filed in Flanzer Case

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - New court documents have been filed in the case of a man convicted of shooting at a door at a Sarasota condo in 2018. Ryan Flanzer was sentenced to credit for time served and probation provisions.

Now a group of people listed in the initial bond order on the case are demanding protections from the state after his sentencing.

Officers in 2018 found a paper with several names on it after searching Ryan Flanzer's house.

The initial bond documents prohibited Flanzer from contacting anyone whose names were on that paper.

It was initially described as a hit list, but law enforcement and the states attorney’s office later said it was just names and they could not attach a specific meaning to it.

In fact the owners of the condo that were shot at are the only two victims listed on the case and they weren't named on the paper found.

However, the people who were on it two years ago are now asking for permanent protection from Flanzer after his sentencing in December.

Court filings accuse prosecutors at the Sarasota States Attorney’s office of ignoring emails and phone calls asking for information on modifying Ryan Flanzer’s sentence.

The prosecutor on the case says that’s not true. The first she had heard of attorney Maria Ruiz, who’s representing several people whose names were listed, was last week during the motion filing.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kaylin Humerickhouse also tells ABC 7 she maintained constant communication throughout the case with Mike Bowen, another attorney in the motion filing.

She has a log of at least five times between December and January where she left voicemail messages for him to talk about the case and returning his calls.

Humerickhouse even confirmed with Bowen last week she was calling the correct number.

The attorneys representing those people listed on the paper found at Flanzer’s home say the final sentence after the no contest plea enforced a no contact order for the two victims of the condo and omitted the other six people.

But Humerickhouse notes those people aren’t listed as victims in any of the documents sent by law enforcement.

The defense attorney Steve Romine told us on Tuesday morning that he doesn’t believe the motion has a standing and both Ruiz and Bowen are asking the court to do something illegal.

The states attorney’s office agrees. Both say you can’t add provisions to the sentencing after the plea because it’s double jeopardy.

While there are rules where within 60 days you can modify a sentence you can’t add to the sentence.

Flanzer's defense attorney says he'll be filing a written response to the court documents between Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

He says if the people are fearful of Flanzer there are options. He says they could’ve tried to get a civil injunction for protection order. He says that’s something that hasn’t been done in the last two years.

ABC7 reached out to Bowen and Ruiz to talk about their motion filing but they haven’t called us back.

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