School based health center launches at Southeast High School

School Based Health Center

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - More medical resources are being provided to students at a high school in Manatee County.

Southeast High School in Bradenton is the first to start a school based health center in the school district. Monday was their grand opening but students have already been benefiting from the resources provided.

Since the center was opened halfway through the school year, consent from parents was requested in order for students to use the medical services on campus. Parents will have to fill out the consent form at the beginning of the school year moving forward if they want their child to receive medical assistance though this facility. School representatives say the school nurses office is still an option for students.

“Having the services right here will allow parents to not have to take time off of work. It’s convenient for the students... sometimes teachers notice issues with the children and they’ll be able to refer them here,” said the Coordinator for School Based Health Center at Southeast High school, Heather Keegan.

Services available include annual checkups, nurses who can prescribe medication for parents to pick up at a pharmacy, dental, vision services, and counseling.

“Being able to provide them the opportunity to do that at school where they can either make a phone call or ask their teacher ‘hey can I go to the clinic I’m not feeling well’ and kind of learn how to do that and kind of fight for themselves and what they need,” said social services counselor, Amy Hyland.

They partnered with MCR Health. Billing will be through them and not on school grounds. MCR accepts most private insurances, Medicaid, and has sliding scale fees for families that qualify. Many are excited for the center and for it to be a part of the community.

They hope in the future that teachers will also benefit from the facility and that one day all schools across the county will provide the same services.

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