Thousands come out and enjoy LECOM’s sixth annual Bradenton Area River Regatta

Thousands come out and enjoy LECOM’s sixth annual Bradenton Area River Regatta

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -LECOM presented the sixth annual Bradenton Area River Regatta took place on Saturday.

Two different types of boats reached speeds of over 120 miles per hour racing through Manatee River, but that was just the beginning of the fun festivities this event had to offer.

Thousands of people came out for the festivities and many people lined up down the green bridge, that was shut down all day, so they can watch the world’s fastest inland boats.

The Formula speedboats and this year’s newly featured, Jersey Speed Skiffs used the Manatee River as their personal race track, but the Regatta had so much to offer than just speedboats.

“There’s always something to do. Watch the dogs, watch the people over there doing the tracks. The music. There’s always something. Walk around and eat. Watch the helicopters take off it’s really fun”. said Susie and Joe, who come out to the regatta every year.

Two separate stunt dog corps—Team Zoom and Dare Devil Stunt Dogs—both nationally recognized tricksters, performed gravity-defining maneuvers on the Manatee Riverwalk Great Lawn all day.

On each side of the Green Bridge, there was food, music and live entertainment in the city of Bradenton and Palmetto.

Also, headsets that have live radio broadcasting the speedboat racing commentary were introduced for the Regatta this year and 5,000 free ear-clip headsets sponsored by WSRQ Radio were given out to fans.

“To be able to listen to the racers and the commentary as it’s going on. Before they handed them out. But these are awesome and the price was right, they were free”. said Kevin Karcher, who was able to listen to the race wherever he went.

One of the top priorities for the Regatta this year was protecting marine life.

"We have both helicopters and planes in the air they were looking out making sure the dolphins in the Manatee. Because if they get anywhere near the boat race we shut it down. We let them get away we don’t chase them away we let them out of sight but we want to be environmentally right.” said the Mayor of Bradenton, Wayne Poston.

The Regatta has continued to grow and improve during each year of its existence.

“We couldn’t be more pleased. We’re happy the way it worked out. It’s bigger than we ever anticipated it would be". said Mayor Poston.

Below are the 2020 Bradenton Area River Regatta Powerboat Superleague Race Results:

Formula 2

1. #3 Dustin Terry, Houston, TX

2. #52 Chris Rinker, Houston, TX

3. #20 Ashton Rinker, Riverview, FL

4. #95 Tyler Welch, Punta Gorda, FL

5. #59 Mark Welch, Wyzatta, MN

6. #71 Jimmy Kerr, Lapere, MI

7. #96 Fred Durr, Punta Gorda, FL

8. #72 Tracy Hawkins, Willis, TX

9. #94 Rusty Wyatt, Innisfil, ONT, Canada

10. #X Jeff Merten, Oshkosh, WI

DNS #77 Mike Quindazzie, Parker, AZ

Jersey Speed Skiffs

1. Tom Pakradooni, Marcus Hook, PA

RIDER: Michelle Morgan, Pelman, NH

2 Sam Strickland, Bradenton, FL

RIDER: Charlie Strickland, Bradenton, FL

3. Mike Buturla, Pampano Beach, FL

RIDER: Keith McMulllen, Annapolis, MD

4. Davey Greenlaw, Turnersville, NJ

RIDER: Randy Weber, Tappan, NY

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