Bradenton officials look to reduce number of empty lots in the city

Empty lot foreclosures

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - A proposed improvement project is being developed in the City of Bradenton that would turn empty lots into property foreclosures.

Officials say there’s about a dozen properties around the city that have been hit with liens.

“People just constantly throw trash in this area,” said Bradenton resident Antwone.

In his neighborhood located along 12th Avenue W., Antwone has seen piles of trash on an empty lot every single day. While he didn’t want to show his face on camera, he’s making a plea, urging people to simply stop trashing the place.

“When you’re throwing so much trash, you’re lessening the population and people drive through here every day and look at this neighborhood as if it’s a bad neighborhood,” he said.

While he says he hasn’t seen any suspicious activity take place at the empty lot in his neighborhood, he still avoids it, especially for his dog’s safety.

To avoid having empty properties transform to dumps, the City of Bradenton is turning longstanding liens into property foreclosures.

“The attorneys will do some research trying to figure out a positive I.D. of the owner of the property and they’ll go through the process of contacting that owner to let them know the property is here that they intend to do something with it, if the foreclosure goes through, the property will go through sale in an auction,” said Jeannie Roberts, Communications Director for the City of Bradenton.

This procedure, they say, won’t affect tax payers pockets.

“It’s something that we as a city is we can do to help our homeowners in those neighborhoods that have blighted properties and in order to help their neighborhood look a little better, we’re going to pursue this process so they can take that blighted property off their neighborhood,” she said.

For some like Antwone, it’s a step forward.

If this proposal is approved, the city expects to start this program by late spring or late summer.

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