Three teachers sue former Manatee charter school principal for sexual harassment, discrimination

Former Teachers Sue School in Manatee County

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - Three former teachers are suing Manatee School of Arts and Sciences, the former principal, MSAS board president and former board secretary.

Former principal Richard Ramsay is accused of making sexual advances, discriminating against different cultures and dehumanizing several former employees. The teachers say the MSAS board didn’t take action after they reported the principal’s accused conduct to them.

A 46-page court complaint details sexual messages Ramsay is accused of sending to one of the teachers. Ramsay is accused of sexually messaging one teacher daily for nearly two years at all hours and that teacher lost her job after reporting it to the board.

Another teacher claims she was denied paid time off to visit her daughter’s grave during the anniversary of her death. The teacher claims she was also denied PTO for a cultural holiday while other teachers were approved PTO on the same days.

“They were concerned for multiple reasons... mainly their jobs but also for other reasons as well,” said Associate Litigation Attorney Kristina Snyderman.

The third teacher says Ramsay made sexual advances towards her but also made unwanted sexual remarks about other teachers, students, students’ parents and her friends.

“The board knew about the former principal’s conduct and did nothing to stop. We also have alleged in there as well that the minutes were doctored and do not reflect the accurate representation of what happened at those board meetings,” said Snyderman.

School registrar and defendant in the lawsuit, Linda Brand, is accused of improperly reflecting the true discussions that took place at board meetings.

The complaint shows the former board treasurer resigned because no action was taken against Ramsay.

Snyderman says soon after other board members left. Current board president Jim Brand is also being sued.

All three teachers were fired by Ramsay after reporting him to the board for harassment and discrimination.

ABC7 reached out to the school and got redirected to their attorney. We emailed and called the attorney several times and have not heard back.

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