Mother who can’t afford fair for six daughters encourages their new business venture

Kids Raise Money to go to Fair - 7pm Report

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Anyone planning to hit the Manatee County Fair before it closes on Sunday should give themselves some extra time to find parking.

The lot on the fairgrounds fills quickly, so many surrounding homes offer their driveways and lawns to fair-goers who can’t find a space.

One family said that’s what they’re doing, but the money they raise will go to a good cause.

There are six kids who live at the home on the corner of 17th Avenue West and 12th Street West in Palmetto. They range in age from 2-years old to 19 and their single mother says she doesn’t have the money to send them all to the fair, so the girls started brainstorming.

“$3 fair parking!!” yelled 10-year-old Jennalee Jurado, one of the young girls who lives at the home.

It’s a price you can’t beat.

“This is like a first time of me having a “job".. of doing something to raise my own money," said 13-year-old Bresenda Jurado.

When the six sisters realized the Manatee County Fair was just walking distance from their new home, they started thinking about ways to raise money to go.

“I told them ya’ll come up with an idea of how to make money and I will support you and I will start you up,” said the girls’ mom, Enelida Morales.

The girls saw that some of the neighbors up the street were charging $10 for fair-goers to park at their homes.

Mom used it as a teaching moment.

“They go, mom there’s no one charging for $3 - $4, how about $3 in the morning and $4 at night? That’s beautiful," Morales said.

A lesson in entrepreneurship, but also how to work for what you want.

“If they learn at an early age what money is and how to gain it, then they’re smart, they’re gonna be okay in life," said Morales.

It’s already paying off.

“I couldn’t find a parking spot and I was just getting to be frustrated and I saw a girl at the end [of the street] and she was like ‘Parking! Parking $4’ and I was like where?” said Casey Ann Parsons who was with a van full of kids going to the fair on Saturday.

She followed the girls and parked at their house, then posted on Facebook about it and the power of social media did what it often does.

The post has since been shared more than 150 times.

“I was shocked that it got as much attention that it did and I was very happy," said Parsons. "I mean, they’re going out, they were like hustling. They were really trying and it just caught my eye and I’m a mom myself and I was very touched.”

Touching for the girls’ mom, too, who hasn’t always had it easy, but refuses to give up for her girls.

“This is our first house,” said Morales. “That we can call us. This is us, this is us. So I love it you know. I couldn’t ask for better kids. I’m a proud mom.”

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