Man charged with murder after woman dies a year after he shot her

Man Charged After Shooting Woman: She Dies A Year Later

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - A man is now facing murder charges in Manatee County after shooting his girlfriend on multiple occasions.

Deputies say Jimmy Hernandez-Pantoja accidentally shot his girlfriend, Amaria Peralta, back in 2017 while they were driving near the 7200 block of U.S. 41 in Palmetto and he threw the gun out out of the window.

Peralta was taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital where she was treated for the injuries she suffered and later recovered from.

In 2018, deputies say that he shot her again after they left an Olive Garden in Bradenton. Reports say as Hernandez-Pantoja was driving Peralta began to flick mint wrappers at him in a playful manner while she was in the passenger seat.

When they approached the stop light at 53rd Avenue West and 14th Street West, deputies say he grabbed a firearm from the center console, cocked it and then pressed to the left side of her stomach area and pulled the trigger.

Deputies say that Hernandez-Pantoja said that he didn’t know the gun was loaded despite the weight of it and there had been no conflict prior to her being shot although there had been previous incidents where he displayed the gun inappropriately and threatened her with it.

Deputies say he apologized and took her to the hospital, but he was arrested a few months later in April 2018 and charged with the attempted murder of Peralta.

As a result of that shooting, Peralta had multiple surgical procedures and later died in February 2019.

Hernandez-Pantoja is now being charged with the murder of Peralta.

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