Florida brewing company collaborates with animal shelter by putting rescue dogs on beer cans

Motorworks Brewing Ft. Manatee County Animal Services | Suncoast View

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton is partnering up with the Manatee County Animal Shelter to find homes for dogs.

The collaboration is titled ‘Yappy Hour’ and it happens every third Sunday of each month. “It’s an opportunity for people to have a good time with their pups,” Motorworks Director of Sales and Marketing, Barry Elwonger, said. “Sometimes we’ll even set up a dog obstacle course.” This gives dogs from the shelter a chance to be adopted.

Motorworks Brewing has placed four dogs’ faces from the shelter on individual beer cans for the company to sell, but that’s not the only thing posted about the dogs on those cans.

Each of those dog’s stories has also been posted on the cans such as the different breeds of the dogs, what the dogs like and where the dogs can be adopted.

The beer can be purchased as a four-pack or as a 24-pack and some of the proceeds for the sales will go towards the Manatee County Animal Shelter and other non-profit organizations.

As far, as the actual beer goes, Motorworks Director of Sales and Marketing, Barry Elwonger, says that this specific beer is four-time gold-medal-winning beer. “It’s a fan favorite,” Elwonger said.

Elwonger also said that the beer has always been brewed, but this is the first time the company will be packaging it and that it will become a year-round package.

For more information about this collaboration, go to the Motorworks Brewing website.

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