Iranian college student deported by CBP despite judge’s order

BOSTON (WBZ/CNN) - An Iranian citizen studying at Northeastern University, Shahab Abadi, has been deported despite a judge’s order.

The 24-year-old Iranian was deported late Monday night despite being granted a hearing.

Customs and Border Protection said it was not aware a court had temporarily blocked the student's removal.

Abadi’s emergency hearing went on without him. He lawyers say he’s now in Paris.

“He was planning on returning to Northeastern, his life has now been turned around,” attorney Heather Yountz.

Tuesday, Judge Richard Stearns said there is no case now that Abadi is out of the country.

Customs and Border Protection said they can’t comment on the case.

“There has been so much secrecy around this of why the government didn’t let him in the first place. How many other people are facing similar situations?” said Carol Rose, executive director of ACLU of Massachusetts.

The Northeastern student tried to enter the country Sunday but was detained at Logan airport.

His lawyers said he was given the student visa to return to the U.S. following a yearlong review.

“So he’s been a year in security check. He was cleared and he showed up at Boston port of entry on Sunday to return to Northeastern University,” said attorney Kerry Doyle.

The U.S. attorney’s office is not commenting on the case.

"He's a very nice guy, very kind and friendly," friend Amir Tohidi said.

Friends and supporters of Northeastern student protested his deportation outside federal court in Boston Tuesday morning.

“I can imagine I could have been in his place. It’s really hard. You organize, you plan for your future, you leave everything behind at home your family. It’s a hard decision to make,” Tohidi said.

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