Opening day for the 104th Manatee County Fair in Palmetto

Manatee County Fair Opening Day - 11pm Report

PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - It’s family fun for everyone at the Manatee County Fairgrounds in Palmetto. Thursday’s first day of the 104th Manatee County Fair brought out a large crowd to enjoy all the sights and sounds.

“The fair is really fun and like you get to do a lot of stuff and they have great food here,” said Colton, a young visitor to the fair.

There are a variety of fair foods to satisfy any appetite, lots of rides putting smiles on faces and many different exhibits keeping people very entertained. If that’s not your thing, how about pigs showing off their racing skills or a lumberjack chopping down a tree. One of the biggest draws is a 4-H animal competition.

The Lewis family is here from Virginia to enjoy some live music and everything else the fair has to offer.

“We love fairs, we love going, lots of things to do lot of games and a lot of food,” said Nancy Lewis.

Some big name entertainers performing here this year including Restless Heart. Those who put this event together every year feeling the excitement of opening day.

“We’ve got great entertainment on the grounds and it’s just an overall excitement in the atmosphere," said Dan West, Manager of the Manatee County Fair. "You can smell the fair food, it’s just a great place to be.”

This will be the last year Dan West is overseeing this fair. A new fair manager getting ready to take over the helm.

“Dan has done a tremendous job and I look to continue building on that success, working with our sponsors and working with all the different departments,” said Danny Alfonso, the new fair manager.

The Manatee County Fair goes on until Sunday, January 26th. For more information you can log onto

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