Manatee County commissioners agree to turn vacant land into high-end affordable housing

New affordable homes coming to Ellenton

New Affordable Housing Plans in Ellenton

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The vacant land off Ellenton Gillette and 29 street East will turn into state-of-the-art affordable homes.

More than 700 homes will be built on the 160-acre land.

The developers at Pearl Homes are looking to create a high-end style housing that won’t hurt residents in their pockets. “Home prices are almost increasing on a yearly basis. It’s important to build something that’s that looks great but also something that people can afford to live in.” says Ethan Tieger, who is the Vice President of Strategic Growth for PearlHome

The affordable homes that are coming to Ellenton, will be first of many coming to Manatee County.

Affordable housing is a top priority for Manatee County Commissioners

“We’ve been working very hard to bring on additional units. We have a program that’s called “Livable Manatee” that’s been very successful. We have been working with a lot of developers. There are about 10 projects or so that we have in the pipeline." according to Geri Lopez the Manatee County Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Director.

The county believes Pearl Homes will be great for the city of Ellenton due to the increase of jobs.

“With pearl homes it will be an opportunity to create a sustainable community there looking they’re looking to do a lot of Energy efficiency the location is great it’s right off 75” says Lopez.

County officials are looking to bring more than a 1,000 new affordable homes.

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