Local woman releases book of her father’s letters from World War II

Tony's War

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - A local woman released a book this week of her father’s letters that he wrote during World War II.

“Tony’s War” is a book based on letters that World War II veteran Tony Zahn wrote to his parents during the war. According to his daughter, Sherie Zahn, he wrote letters on a weekly basis to keep them informed about his experiences.

She described the opening letters as extraordinary and described her father as a decorative and creative person that possessed a multi-skill set that many others who went into the war may have not had during that time.

“Dad was college-educated, he was a classical pianist, he was an artist, he wrote beautifully and since he was an only child his parents expected details,” Zahn said. “They wanted to know everything that was going on in his life.”

The opening letters described Tony’s experiences as fun. But Zahn says those letters take a different turn once her father officially went into combat in the Pacific Theatre.

“During basic training, he seemed to view his military experience sort of like a boy scout camp,” Zahn said. “Camping out, goofing around and sometimes it was uncomfortable and wet. But when he lands on Leyte it’s not fun anymore and he doesn’t really describe in detail the horrors because he’s writing to his parents. He did keep a journal with some details in it though.”

All of the money raised from the book is going to veterans charities and more information about the book and World War II in general can be found on this website.

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