Some homeowners in Anna Maria blocking off beach access with rope fences

Beach Blocked with Rope Fences

ANNA MARIA, Fla. (WWSB) - At least two of the homes on South Bay Boulevard in Anna Maria have blocked access to the beach.

The city's mayor Dan Murphy tells us since the homes are on the bay portion of the island, homeowners do have the right to block off their portion of the beach all the way into the water.

These rope fences are making it very difficult for people to walk along the beach. They either go into the water and around the barrier or duck under it.

“Everyone deserves access to a beach and to limit that access to the four or six feet of beach access because once you get here what do you do," said Rosemary Kuropat, a neighbor who is renting. "Do you just stand there, do people who don’t own on the shoreline just stand in this four feet of beach, everyone likes a beach walk and the ropes make that very difficult.”

We did reach out to the homeowners here but none of them wanted to come on camera to talk about this.

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