FWC investigating illness causing bobcats and panthers to struggle with walking

Panther Disorder

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - Bobcats and panthers in Florida are struggling to walk properly and dragging their back legs.

It’s still a mystery on why this is happening to these animals and why it’s only happening in Southwest Florida, but officials have officially released the name of the disease. Feline Lueko-Myopathy is based on microscopic changes in the brain and spine. But FWC investigators say they are still investigating the cause of this illness.

This makes local groups even more concerned because it be months or even years until we find a way to help it.

“The causes for that is a very long list, so they’re starting to explore every possibility,” Bill Samuels, Florida Panther Project said. “They’re not ruling out anything at this point. This is a new and possibly very, very serious event. Nobody can care about the state and not be concerned. Are there possible solutions? We hope so.”

The Florida Panther Project and the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida are now doing their own investigation to try and figure out what is causing this disease to spread here locally.

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