Sarasota woman catches suspect who stole her car hours earlier

Woman Catches Suspect Who Stole Her Car

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Imagine going to sleep on Christmas, only to wake up and realize your car had been stolen. That was just the beginning of one Sarasota woman’s day Thursday.

Amy Callow first reached out to ABC7 to say that her car had been stolen early Thursday morning. Little did she know, just hours later, the man who stole her car would pull up right behind her at a stop sign.

Deputies said it was 25-year-old Zyan Coyle behind the wheel.

“It was a really insane day," said Callow.

The mom of three little ones woke up the morning after Christmas thinking the holiday chaos was finally over, but this was just beginning.

“My husband came out, and he was like, where’s your car?" said Callow.

Her silver Dodge had been stolen. Callow called 911 to report it, then went next door to Munchies Cafe to see if their surveillance cameras had caught anything, or anyone.

“So what happened is, according to the security camera that was luckily pointing right at the scene of the crime, [the suspect] pulls his bicycle up and then goes on foot looking for cars to break into," said an employee of Munchies Cafe, Cole Flaat.

Callow said she had left her keys in her husband’s truck, which was parked next to her vehicle. Deputies said Coyle first entered the truck, then stole Callow’s car and drove it to the dumpster behind Munchies.

“He pulls up to this here beautiful looking dumpster and then took the car seat and all the belongings inside and gives them the old heave-ho," said Flaat. "He pulls down the stow-and-go seating, thank God for mini vans, and then throws the bicycle in the back.”

Flaat was able to retrieve the surveillance video the camera recorded from an app on his phone.

When Callow and her husband recognized their car seat, they started driving around to see if anyone knows the man caught on camera.

“We stopped at a stop sign about three roads down and my car pulls up behind me," said Callow.

What are the chances?

“What do you do?” questioned Callow.

They’re still stopped and Coyle catches on.

“He backed into somebody’s yard and then just drove off and so we went chasing him down," she explained.

Callow said there was 10 to 15 minutes of high speed chase through the Gulf Gate neighborhood, until Callow and her husband lost Coyle. But by then, deputies had arrived and one found and chased Coyle through the Publix pavilion nearby.

They caught and arrested him, then found Callow’s silver Dodge still running behind Panera Bread.

“It’s been really tough," said Callow of the whole ordeal. "It’s been pretty traumatic, to be honest, just because it doesn’t feel like my car anymore. It doesn’t feel right.”

Callow and her husband said there were three brand new iPhones, numerous Christmas presents and car seats all stolen from inside the Dodge, so they are planning to sue Coyle.

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