Florida Sheriff: Amazon did not cooperate to find package thief, even though thief was their driver

Updated: Dec. 26, 2019 at 10:39 AM EST
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DAVENPORT, Fla. (WWSB) - A sheriff's office in Florida says Amazon did not cooperate with their investigation of a package thief, even though they say the thief was an Amazon delivery driver.

On December 19, deputies with the Polk County Sheriff's Office went to a home in the Watersong Resort development near Davenport. The homeowner told deputies that he had an Amazon delivery driver on video dropping off a package, taking a photo confirmation of the delivery, and then leaving with the package.

The sheriff's office says detectives believed Amazon would want to help get a dishonest employee of the road, but when detectives went to the company for help identifying the driver, managers told them, "You need a subpoena."

According to detectives, multiple employees told them Amazon would not cooperate with their investigation to identify the driver unless they sent a subpoena for Amazon's records to their corporate headquarters in Delaware. Detectives say it didn't matter that they had video of the theft in addition to the date, time and address.

"I'm not surprised by much anymore, but this lack of cooperation from Amazon floors me. All we needed was a name - they knew who committed this crime in Polk County, and they would not tell us without us serving legal process to their corporate headquarters in Delaware," said Sheriff Grady Judd. "This is just irresponsible on their part. They apparently don't care about the ongoing safe and secure delivery of their packages to their customers and exposing other customers to burglary and theft. It is impossible to believe this was this guy's only theft."

But detectives were determined to catch the culprit and were able to get the license plate of the vehicle from the development's security team.

The sheriff's office says the vehicle led them to 27-year-old Jose Campos of Kissimmee, who detectives say admitted it was him in the video.

Campos was arrested and charged with burglary and theft.

In response to the sheriff’s office, an Amazon spokesperson said, “We work regularly and closely with law enforcement across the country and are working to understand what occurred here, to make it right and to reach out to Polk County Sheriff’s Office to apologize.”

Jose Campos of Kissimmee was charged by the Polk County Sheriff's Office with burglary and theft.
Jose Campos of Kissimmee was charged by the Polk County Sheriff's Office with burglary and theft.(Source: Polk County Sheriff's Office)

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