Many on the Suncoast facing holiday depression

Holiday Depression

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Christmas is underway. While many associate the holidays to happiness, unfortunately it’s not the same for everyone.

“It can be anyone,” said Dr. EddiY Regnier, Clinical Psychologist. “You experience pressure, and that pressure frequently converts to depression."

Many face the struggle of holiday depression.

“The holiday season is wonderful time and it comes with stress source and it comes with pressure, pressure to be happy, pressure to shop and buy gifts,” he said.

Sometimes that pressure, stress, and sadness continue long term.

“There’s a group of people that the additional stress can flip them over so it’s not just holiday blues, it flips them to a clinical depression, which is the kind of depression that still remains after the holidays are over,” said Consumer Watchdog Jerry Zivic.

One of the reasons: excessive expectations, especially when it comes to gift giving.

“A lot of this is about budgeting and if you make a list of people put down your budget, you can shop all year long,” he said.

Both experts say social media plays a big part.

“They’re recording themselves give the gift on Instagram and have self-focus of look at me that I’m doing something good and that actually makes other people feel bad because they don’t have the same money to do good,” said Zivic.

Their advice:

“Lower the expectations, lower them dramatically,” Regnier.

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