Deputies: Two suspects in laundromat shootout arrested, third suspect’s body found in Gilley Creek

Employee, pair of masked men exchange gunfire during armed robber of Bradenton laundromat

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Deputies have identified the suspects involved in the shooting at a Bradenton laundromat on Sunday.

Around midnight, the sheriff's office was called to a laundromat on 57th Avenue East after deputies nearby reported hearing gunshots.

An employee at the scene flagged down deputies, who told them he was at the register and looked up to see a masked man pointing a rifle at him. The masked man ordered the employee and the patrons in the laundromat to go to the front of the store and get on the ground.

A second masked man with a pistol went to the back of the business, took cash from the register and rummaged through things before returning to the front of the store and exiting with his partner.

The employee, now armed, went out to see where the masked men fled and if they were in a car. That’s when he says the masked men opened fire. The employee fired back, firing five rounds.

Suspects identified in laundromat shootout, one dead
Suspects identified in laundromat shootout, one dead (Source: Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies say those masked men were 41-year-old Reynaldo Osorto, 34-year-old Ramon Velasquez and 42-year-old Ramiro Mendez. They made off with between $4,000 to $4,400.

According to the sheriff’s office, as the three men fled the scene, they realized Mendez had been hit by one of the bullets fired by the employee. He succumbed to his injuries and deputies say Osorto and Velasquez dumped his body in Gilley Creek at the 22000 block of County Road 675.

Mendez’s body was recovered Friday morning. The employee was uninjured and is not facing charges.

Osorto and Velasquez were arrested and charged with armed robbery and felony murder.

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