Save Our Y group says both Sarasota Ys doing well months after transition

Save Our Y Experiencing Success with YMCA's in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - It’s what you would expect to see at the YMCA: people working out or playing basketball and racquetball.

Normalcy is now back at both YMCAs in Sarasota, the one at Potter Park and the one on Euclid Avenue, after both nearly closed for good back in September because of financial issues. The Save Our Y group, who now oversees the Y, held a meeting Tuesday night with their board, employees and members, sharing some good news.

“I’m happy to say that we’re hovering in on 5,000 membership units which translates to about 7,000 individuals, so we’re really happy about that,” said Jim Purdy, Interim President of the Save Our Y organization.

They are expecting to hit their goal of 6,000 membership units within a few months. On top of that, they’ve raised around 1.2 million dollars to get both Ys back on track financially.

“The gratitude that I have not only for the overall community but this very select board and staff I’ve had the honor to work with, the donors that absolutely stepped out of the woodwork,” said Purdy.

The Save Our Y group is proud of what they’ve accomplished and optimistic about the future financially and with the many programs that are being added. Their fundraising efforts continue with raffles of many different items and they hope to have the 4.4 million dollar debt paid off by 2023.

Gary Meskil has been with the YMCA for about 15 years. He tells us the vibe at the Y now is very positive.

“Seeing what one small community get together to save an organization, it really brings out the best in people and you’ve seen that in the last few months,” said Meskil.

Another meeting is scheduled at the Y on Euclid Avenue in Sarasota. That meeting takes place Wednesday at 5:30pm.

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