Plans moving forward for new public pool in Palmetto

Palmetto New Pool

PALMETTO, Fla. (WWSB) - The City of Palmetto is moving forward with plans to build a new public pool in Lincoln Park on 17th Street East.

The City of Palmetto Community Redevelopment Agency voted unanimously Monday to contribute 28 percent of the costs for the design, engineering and construction of a pool at Lincoln Park, which will initially be paid by Manatee County, up to costs of $1.5 million. Payments will be made to the county in installments of $150,000 each year after the pool officially opens.

The City Commission then voted unanimously for the city to contribute four acres of Lincoln Park to the county for the pool to be situated on.

The moves come after earlier this year when Manatee County commissioners voted to cancel the project because it exceeded the $3 million budget. But the new plans put the project back on track to coming to fruition.

The plans are scheduled to be finalized in May 2020, with construction beginning in September 2020. The pool would be completed in August 2021.

Design proposed for the Lincoln Park Pool in Palmetto.
Design proposed for the Lincoln Park Pool in Palmetto. (Source: City of Palmetto)

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