Scammers pretend to be Sarasota Police on the phone, here are their tactics

SPD Phone Scams

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - If you get a call from Sarasota Police asking for money for some reason or another, it’s definitely not Sarasota Police.

The department is warning the community that scam calls are going out where the scammers claim to be from Sarasota Police. There are a few tactics they try, including:

  • Asking for money for donations
  • Claiming to have a warrant that must be paid over the phone
  • Demanding payment for red light camera tickets, often through Bitcoin currency

Sarasota Police remind citizens that though these calls appear to be local, that’s because scammers use a voice over internet protocol number and they’re really coming from outside the U.S. That also makes them difficult to investigate.

So remember: Sarasota Police won't ask for money or financial information over the phone.

That same advice holds true for most organizations. And if you’re ever unsure, hang up and call the organization directly.

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