Bradenton woman flying to her family’s Thanksgiving gives birth at airport

Bradenton Woman Gives Birth at Airport

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a Bradenton woman went into labor labor mid-air on a flight from Tampa to Pennsylvania.

The flight made a stop in Charlotte, NC for a layover where the now mother of three welcomed her baby girl.

Nereida Araujo, her family, and her new bundle of joy arrived from Pennsylvania to their home in Bradenton on Monday morning.

Araujo spoke on camera on Monday for the first time since going into labor mid-air. “I didn’t even know I was going to go into labor,” Arauo siad. “If so, I would have never gone on the plane."

Araujo was 38 weeks pregnant when she boarded a flight from Tampa to Pennsylvania. She told ABC7 that her reason for getting on a flight so late in her pregnancy was that she wanted to grant her husband’s grandmother’s wish of spending Thanksgiving together.

“I decided to take that risk to spend Thanksgiving with Auntie Shirley who is diagnosed with stage four cancer,” Araujo said.

Without hesitation, she boarded a flight with her husband and their two other kids. Mid-air on the way to Charlotte, NC for a layover, her water broke, contractions kicked in and it was time for her baby girl’s arrival.

Paramedics were already on standby waiting for Araujo to get off the plane. “They wanted me to walk and I was like no, so my my husband picked me up, carried me and put me on the stretcher and then from there trying to strap me in I was like no, no she’s coming and there she came," Araujo said.

The baby’s name is Lizyana Sky Taylor.

After an adventurous weekend, Araujo’s family was still able to see their grandmother in Pennsylvania.

On top of coming home to Bradenton with a new addition, American Airlines sent a gift to Baby Sky.

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