Prices on Christmas trees may cost you a little more this holiday season

Christmas Tree Price Increase

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Now that Thanksgiving is over with, a lot of people are turning their focus to Christmas and finding that perfect tree, but be ready, you may have to pay a little more.

Christmas tree lots can be spotted around the Suncoast this time of year. There’s a chance on some of those trees you may see a little price increase of at least a dollar or two.

“There’s a tree shortage, it takes thirteen years to grow an eight foot tree, but what happened back in ’08, ’09 the recession is just affecting the tree industry as far as the amount of trees available,” said Mark Trefethen, Owner of Tents and Events.

Trefethen, who oversees the lot at the corner of Center Road and US 41 in Venice as well as lots on Beneva Road and Fruitville Road in Sarasota says there isn’t much difference in his prices compared to last year.

“my frasers and my noble and nordmanns are the same price, silver tips did go up a little bit,” said Trefethen.

Most people we talked with tell us they have no problem spending a few extra bucks for their tree.

“It’s just the cost of having a Christmas tree, so I really haven’t even thought about it,” Lyndi Wickerson, an Englewood resident.

“I prefer a real tree because I love the smell of it, it just really brings Christmas home,” said Lauren Wickerson.

Experts say you’ll have to spend more for an artificial Christmas tree this year as well. Brandon Stojak and his family still prefer a real tree, even if it might cost a little more this year.

“This is our second real tree in a row and it’s definitely part of tradition now," said Stojak. "We like the feel of a real tree and we like the smell of a real tree, I think it’s a lot better than a fake one.”

Trefethen says they just opened last week and have seen steady crowds. They do feature all types of Christmas trees and prices start in the 50 dollar range and go up from there. His lots will remain open until around December 20th.

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