More than 7,000 pies sold at Yoder’s the day before Thanksgiving

More than 7,000 pies sold at Yoder’s the day before Thanksgiving

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - It's an annual tradition that just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger: Pie Day at Yoder's in Sarasota.

"They're the best tasting pies in town and for the last 30 years it's been Yoder's pies at Thanksgiving," said Melissa Fach of Sarasota.

People start lining up at 6am the day before Thanksgiving at the restaurant and shop on Bahia Vista Street to pick up their pre-ordered pies.

Todd Emrich, one of the owners of Yoder’s, said “We anticipate selling about 7,000 pies today and truthfully the wait hasn’t been that bad. It’s only been about 15 minutes on the outside.”

But it wasn't that long ago the line wasn't as long.

"My mother was saying last week that she remembers doing 50 and they didn't know what to do. That was when they started the restaurant. And now it's in the thousands," said Brian Emrich, restaurant manager and Todd's son.

But word has spread about the pies, made from old family recipes. When the doors opened at 8am, the line was already a hundred people deep. Even our own Linda Carson can’t resist!

So what's the secret?

Brian and Todd said, "We tend to put not too many ingredients in it. No preservatives. It's fresh pies, made here on location." "And tell them to order early!"

Madison Michaux of Sarasota stood in line with her 4-month-old daughter, Blake.

She said, “It’s worth the wait. Also, the cinnamon rolls are amazing.”

So what advice do the Emrichs have for those looking to get a pre-ordered pie next year?

"Tell them to order early!" urged Todd.

You have to wonder, what’s their most popular seller? Well, no surprise here, it’s pumpkin! They’ll sell around 2,500 pumpkin pies on Pie Day.

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