Homeowners tired of sight, smell of fish kill coming from their neighborhood pond

Palma Sola Pond Issues

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Residents of one Manatee County neighborhood can’t seem to find relief from the sight and smell of dead fish in their backyard pond.

Homeowners on Palma Sola Boulevard noticed the pond behind their homes was changing colors before they started to see dead fish.

“It’s nasty, that’s the only way to describe it. It’s nasty and polluted,” says homeowner Jimmy Lally.

He explained to ABC7 that his wife was recently hospitalized for bronchitis, an illness he believes is the result of nearby fumes from his backyard’s pond.

“I’m using my inhaler now at least three to four times a day since this occurred,” says resident Jeanie Webber.

“I’ve been having trouble with headaches," says resident Mary Rice

“I have asthma, this is a health issue. I can’t wake up every morning with my whole house smelling like rotten eggs,” says homeowner Nancy Ruggieri.

Several homeowners say they’ve made several complaints between Manatee County and the EPA and they want something to be done soon after days of smelly fish kill.

“We reached out to several departments. We were told it was because it was because the cold air that brought the sulfur smell from the bottom of the pond," says Ruggieri.

ABC7 received that same answer after reaching out to county about the pond.

Homeowners say the only solution proposed is to install an air system at the base of the pond that could stimulate the water. Homeowners say they’ve called around to try to inquire about one being installed but they’ve gotten nowhere.

“They say there is no department that will take responsibility for installing this aerator,” says Ruggieri.

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