“The Next Act”: Venice Theatre Set to Expand With Purchase of The Hamilton Building

Venice Theatre Hamilton Building

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - Over the last 25 years, the Venice Theatre has evolved into one of the focal points for the city. Right now, they work out of two buildings, and throughout the next year, they’ll be bringing what they call “The Next Act” to Venice and the Arts Programs here.

“We’ve been really fortunate that with the growth of our community and the work from our volunteers and staff, we’ve been able to offer a product that more and more people are taken advantage of. As such, we’ve expanded in a way that we’re kind of just bursting at the seams,” Murray Chase, Executive Director of the Venice Theatre, explained.

With the addition of the Hamilton Building, which is located directly behind the theater, the dream of expanding the campus has become a reality for all those involved.

“It’s amazing to see that operation happen on an ongoing basis, everyday basis, and to see lives change like they are now,” Chase said.

They now have their main building which puts on plays all year long, the theater crafts building where props are built, and now this building will become the Arts Education Building.

“We’ll be able to offer classes far more hours than we do now, in a lot more studios, with a far more wide-ranging inventory of subjects,” Chase explained.

Leaders say this is more than just a theater, but a place that shapes the lives of everyone who enters it.

“They are better people because of their involvement in the arts and in our programs, and they’re more confident and happy as a result. There’s not much more that you can hope to do with an arts program than that,” expressed Chase.

They’re currently planning and designing to renovate the building into what they would need, and hope to have it open by December 2020.

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