Venice Adding Surveillance Cameras Throughout City

Venice Adding Surveillance Cameras Throughout City

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - Technology is used in any and every way nowadays. One useful tool is for the interest of safety, and that’s why the City of Venice is about to add more eyes in the sky to do just that.

Pretty much everywhere you go now, you can expect to be caught on camera. However, right now, the only public place in Venice that has a surveillance camera is this live web cam at the Fishing Pier, but that will be changing next week.

These surveillance cameras will be a way to add another set of eyes on crowded areas throughout Venice to help protect residents, business owners and visitors.

“It’s going to capture any incident that may occur. Whether it’s a traffic crash or a pedestrian being hit by a car. Any type of incident is now going to be captured on video,” Police Chief Tom Mattmuller, from the Venice Police Department, said.

It’s costing the city more than $300,000 to eventually add a total of eight cameras, and even though the City of Venice was named the safest place in Florida, city leaders say you can never be too cautious.

“Even in the safest of areas, unfortunately, it’s become a norm of having cameras everywhere. This is part of our future plan with the internet, which is honestly going to take over the world with all these connected devices,” Christoph St. Luce, the Director of Information Technology for Venice, explained.

This first phase of this project adds four cameras throughout Downtown and Centennial Park. The video recorded will be kept in a secure storage system at the Venice Police Department for 30 days, and the cameras officially start rolling in about a week.

“For the upcoming Holiday parade, we will have this camera system in place that will give us great security, so it’s just a way that the city is moving forward in keeping us safe,” said Police Chief Tom Mattmuller.

In a few months there will be four more installed on the Venice Airport Grounds, the Jetties and The Venice Fishing Pier.

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