Neighbors fear driving through Lakewood Ranch intersection they consider dangerous

Another Crash at 'Dangerous' Intersection

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Neighbors say they fear for their safety after another serious crash Thursday morning right next to their Lakewood Ranch neighborhood.

It happened on State Road 70 and Greenbrook Boulevard. This is the same intersection where another crash took the life of a 75-year-old man in October.

As more and more people move into this area, neighbors said they now consider this intersection deadly. Thursday morning, there was another crash there where a semi truck flipped over.

“I can’t even go that way anymore, because of the traffic and the way they come down after these accidents," said Richard Crispi.

He lives in the Greenbrook Village neighborhood and was walking his dog when he saw the first responders Thursday morning.

“So it got my curiosity," Crispi explained. "I said I hope, I hope this is not what I think, that somebody else got in an accident and sure enough when I got to the corner, there’s an overturned truck.”

It happened at the same intersection as another crash just one month ago.

After 75-year-old Gary Peak was killed in that three car collision, the Florida Department of Transportation told ABC7 they were installing “intersection ahead” warning signs.

“What that does is it lets motorists know, if you’re approaching an intersection that they need to slow down, they need to stay focused, they need to be careful and aware of their surroundings,” said Brian Rick, Spokesperson for FDOT.

But Thursday, neighbors said that’s clearly not the solution.

“They did put up signs, but it’s just a metal sign that shows an intersection, that’s it," said Crispi. "It doesn’t say caution, it doesn’t say anything. There’s no lights flashing. That didn’t help at all.”

“It’s not enough," said Patricia Crispi. "Our children’s lives are at stake.”

Patricia Crispi said it weighs heavy on her heart to know that people are getting seriously injured just steps away from her home.

“We need a light desperately," she said. "There’s too much traffic, there’s too much congestion.”

With a new sports arena, restaurants and even more development coming to the once rural community, neighbors said people who aren’t familiar with State Road 70 drive more than 70 miles per hour through the intersection.

“It affects everyone. It affects the entire community," said Crispi. "Something’s got to change. This is getting worse not better.”

When ABC7 last asked FDOT about this intersection, staff said they do have plans for a permanent solution. ABC7 reached back out Thursday after the crash to ask if a traffic light was an option, and if so, when construction would begin.

FDOT has not yet responded.

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