FL Agriculture Commissioner working on new hemp law and regulating CBD

Nikki Fried on hemp law and CBD

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - “We’re creating standards which don’t exist right now,” Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried told ABC7 on Thursday.

Her agency is in charge of the state’s hemp program.

“It creates an alternative crop that’s going to be a $20-30 billion industry here in the state.”

While she’s working with different agencies to create regulation and licensing people to grow hemp, she’s also warning residents to be aware of what they consume.

“Also having regulations with CBD products which we’ve seen all over our entire state. For someone who is going for health and wellness, you don’t know what’s in these products. You don’t know if there’s metals, you don’t know if there’s THC, or any CBD in it,” she said.

“Definitely a misconception is that you get high from it like you do from a marijuana product which you don’t. Another misconception would be is that it’s a cure for everything, but it’s not,” said Hollie Decker, General Manager of Second and Seed in Sarasota,

She says her company works on regulating their own products while they’re in production.

“We product test three times throughout the process. We work directly with the lab and the farms so we know what’s in our products and we’re constantly getting everything third party tested so there’s no impurities or nothing in there that shouldn’t be there,” she said.

But at times, she feels the heat as other companies don’t do the same.

“It’s not a regulated product, you can essentially slap a label on just a hemp seed oil which is an oil like olive oil,” said Decker.

“We’re creating standards to see what goes into the product, testing standards, labeling requirements and once those go into place, then we can go after those who are not complying,” said Fried.

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