Experts say self-care can have a great impact on your health, local experts offer ways to help

Self Care

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - How often do you make time for yourself, whether it’s a day at a spa, fitness gym or even getting some quiet time away?

It may feel like another thing on your to-do list, but making time for yourself can actually help your overall health.

Courtiney Ryan is a mother, wife and professional. She manages several of her family’s commercial real estate businesses and takes care of her 14-month-old all while being 7 months pregnant.

With a busy schedule she says self care is a must.

“I’d probably be depressed and very sad and very anxious. It just helps keep my spirit alive and it helps me have a great outlook on life," says Ryan.

She says each day she tries to do a little something for herself. It’s a practice she’s been doing for years.

“I take my supplements early in the morning before he’s awake, at night time when he’s sleeping I do my bath with essential oils. I definitely feel a lot less stressed and a lot less anxious and obsessive about things when I know i’m taking care of myself and my body," says Ryan.

Dr. Christopher Davis is not your typical Cardiologist. His whole approach to medicine starts with taking care of yourself. He offers five ways you can do exactly that.

“Nutrition is a very integral part of self-care. The second part of it is sleep hygiene or getting enough sleep, another one would be fitness. Also another very important part would be detoxification, which are all the things we are exposed to in our environment. Lastly, the most important well just as important as the rest is stress management," says Dr.Davis.

All things he says plays a huge role in your overall health.

“Health begins with self-care," says Dr.Davis.

So having a hard time, making time?

“If you’re not able to do something everyday try to take a baby steps and do something once a week or once a month," says Ryan.

Ryan says for her, a little goes a long way, whether it’s a quiet time reading, taking a walk or even making time for a beauty routine.

Dr. Davis tells me the lack of certain types of self-care is linked to all sorts of diseases and illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. He says he has so many patients who came through his doors with health problems and now they’re doing extremely well after incorporating self-care.

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