North Port Police Department Has Outgrown Headquarters

NPPD New Office

NORTH PORT, Fla. (WWSB) - Officials will be meeting Thursday for a City Commission Special Meeting.

Various departments will be giving presentations on what they’ve accomplished this year and what plans they have for the future. The North Port Police Department will be mentioning one issue that has been brought up in the past, but this will be the first time that the Police Chief will be addressing the fact that the City needs to come up with a plan. They have officially outgrown their police department headquarters.

They’ll be asking the commission to consider either expanding their current facility, adding additional substations throughout the city or, their first choice, which is to build a brand new building that can continue growing with the department.

They are at a 187% over capacity for this building right now. They’ve converted closets to offices and conference rooms to work spaces for multiple people. The chief says they are just completely out of space.

“As you can see, North Port is growing and expanding. We’re not going to have any room for additional staff coming into the police department. The commission will be given these options for the issue, and ultimately it’s up to them to decide what foresight they have,” Police Chief Todd Garrison explained.

The chief says he knows this won’t happen overnight, but he wants to start the discussion now before it’s too late. He will be going into even more detail on future plan options at the Commission Meeting on December 5th.

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